Global Support

Supported Amazon Associates programs: United States, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and India.

Smart Matching

Visitors in countries without Amazon Associates programs are sent to the closest available one based on proximity and/or language.

Default Store

Visitors in countries with Amazon Associates programs where you’re not registered are sent to your default Amazon store instead.

Robust Technologies

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What is amznlinks?

If you have multiple Amazon Associates accounts, you know managing your affiliate links can be a pain: foreign visitors are often sent to an Amazon store they can’t even buy from, and a good chunk of your audience is left unserved.

The way people usually deal with this is by displaying several affiliate links together, one for each of their Amazon Affiliate accounts. This is cumbersome and impractical, but worst of all, it doesn’t even work very well.

amznlinks is a service that allows you to target all of your Amazon Affiliate accounts with a single link. By using IP-based geolocation, visitors are sent to their local Amazon store when available, thereby ensuring they find what they’re looking for, and allowing you to maximize your revenue.

One product, one link, every Amazon store. Simple.

Demo it! Click or tap on the image

Want to try it? Get in touch. is still in Beta, and access to the service is by invitation only. If you’re interested, request an invite and I’ll get back to you.